Jeff Jackson, Jr. as Kevin

ShaKara Monique Wheeler as Prostitute on stairs

Annalee Jones as the Correctional Officer

Vic Scuderi as Carson

Mary Blake Suib as Rachel's Grandmother

Ryan Stanley as Joshua

Sharon Taylor as Crack Addict

Debra Ovall as Bernice

Christina Carlos as Marco's mother

Alex Neumier as Marco's father

Burt Laposka as Marty

Eternity "starts" sooner than you think...

Damia Torhagen as Rachel

Erin Nordseth as Ms. Henry

Isabel Scuderi as Joshua's aunt

Kenta Hunter as Lisa

Angie Scuderi as Andrea


Mike Sigler as Grandfather Joshua

"For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.  Walk as children of light."  Ephesians 5:8

Erin Rose as Monica

Patrick Vann as Maurice

Mike R. Tinker as Eric

Dallas Nathan White as man in car

Michelle Lewis as Nurse Leigh

We were blessed with the most marvelous cast! They gave their all to seeing the vision of Scattered come alive. 

We thank you! 

Smitty Chai as Marco

Ervin Anthony Merritt as James

Christabel Fitzgerald as Rachel at 8

Anastasia Brunk as Diane

Shane Scuderi as Joshua's father

Adrienne Montanari as Prostitute

Brooke Silvus as Rachel at 13

Kathy Sanders as Grandmother Linda

S  C  A  T  T  E   R  E   D 

Willem Krumich as Chauncy

Tonya Morrissey as Joshua's mother

Trish Lassinger as Diane's mother

Rowan Titus as Emma